Offering Effective Hawaiian Herbal Remedies

We at Ho'olono provide the highest quality and potency in natural herbal formulas. The formulas are carefully mixed to have maximum benefits and lasting effects. All our ingredients have been minimally processed to maintain their maximum strength.

The herbs used are hand selected from local organic farmers or ethically wild crafted. Care is taken to preserve and increase the health and abundance in these areas. The wisdom and knowledge behind these formulas, has been handed down through generations and carefully preserved by the teaching and use of this sacred knowledge.

A Word About Our Founder

Gabriel Monaghan is the Founder of Ho'olono Natural Remedies. With his passion for vitality and the gifts of nature, Gabriel has pursued a path of discovery that led him to methods of health and wellness. At age 20 he met Kumu Levon Ohai - with whom he studied until Kumu Levons passing 12 years later. During this time he studied La'au Lapa'au (Hawaiian healing herbs), in the Ohai tradition.

Gabriel has since studied the works of many other herbal masters and the healing arts of movement, touch and nutrition. He is also a proud graduate of the School of Natural Healing. Gabriel says "When I grow up I want to be a great healer, but it may take lifetimes to achieve the level of Kumu Ohai". His quest for knowledge continues and his level of experience is expanding, guided along by the ever loving hand of the Almighty.

His formulas have been used with predictable results which address specific and general conditions. He works one-on-one with patients providing consultations, custom herbal protocols, and coaching on diet and lifestyle. In addition to this Gabriel enjoys teaching La'au Lapa'au on a regular basis.


These are some of the profound truths that Kumu Ohai passed along in the form of 'Tots' (thoughts).

The words of the wise lead to understanding, but fools talk and their talk often fools.


In this world of corruption and greed, the rule of all and the code of some,
is that all have given some, and some have given all.


Exercise caution in all you do and use wisdom accompanied by pule (prayer) in your choices,
as wisdom is the absence of foolishness and pule is the beginning of knowledge.



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