Because of the increase in scientific study and popular demand, we have produced a wonderful Noni product. This Noni juice is made from 100% pure cultured Noni. It comes directly from the tree, then the ripe fruit is allowed to age and soften slightly until the juice is released. It is a living probiotic and assists the body in digestive balance and wellness. It's used as a full body tonic promoting intestinal balance and immune health The general recommended use is one ounce, two to three times a day depending on what the need is. We've seen wonderful results in using this to replenish digestive flora, and reduce overgrowth of fungal/yeast type infections. We hope you enjoy this traditional Hawaiian Noni Juice.
Our Olena Heat formula contains four of the most powerful circulatory stimulant and cleansing herbs, also referred to as the four 'Warriors'. These herbs will go into the body and open up the cardiovascular system, allowing blood to flow more smoothly to all areas of the body. These herbs are preserved in a living vinegar, rendering it useful also as a digestive aid and probiotic. Use Olena Heat by the teaspoon or half teaspoon to start, as it is very hot and spicy. This formula is wonderful for increasing circulation inside the body, reducing inflammation, and as a anti-microbial. The four Warriors in this formula are; Olena (Turmeric), Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Ginger, and Garlic.
This salve is used on the skin to draw out infections, boils, bug bites, and is also used to soothe rashes. It is a simple formula comprised of three ingredients, the active ingredient is Plantain, or Plantago Officinalis. This is a fantastic remedy for mosquito bites. Use liberally over more severe areas and cover with a bandage. Another great use for this salve is for babies diaper rash.
This oil based spray is used to "Mozzy-BLOCK" mosquitos with a mix of Lemon Eucalyptus that keeps those bugs away! This formula is JUNGLE STRENGTH and will keep mosquitoes away for 3 hours per-application.
This oil is designed to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and rebuild damaged tissue. It is excellent for applying to bruised areas or sprains, strains, and mild fractures. This warming penetrating oil helps to soothe and reduce pain. Rub thoroughly into the skin to heal areas of acute injury. This formula includes the healing properties of Comfrey and Noni, and the analgesic properties of Eucalyptus.
This chili water is a local favorite loved by grandmas and grandchildren alike. It is delicious and mixed to perfection to add a burst of flavor in every meal. This can be taken by the teaspoon, or added to food for a little extra pick me up to enhance the flavors of food. It also increases circulation, and is a great probiotic digestive aid. In a bind you can also use it topically over scrapes and scratches to stop bleeding. Enjoy this food type medicine that increases circulation and is packed with vitamin C.
This is a liquid cough drop, intended for the purpose of breaking up mucus and fluid in the lungs and expelling it. This formula is used as an expectorant to eliminate fluid in the lungs. Used for respiratory congestion, coughing or sore throat. Use 1 teaspoon as needed during coughing spells. This has also shown great results for dry or itchy throat, great for unproductive coughs. Take 1 teaspoon three times, in five minute intervals This is also safe for children, enjoy the minty refreshing flavor of our organic herbal cough honey.

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